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[texts]Apple Manual: TheBard'sTaleIIClueBook
Apple Manual: TheBard'sTaleIIClueBook
Keywords: party; die; parly; teleport; thai; magic; destiny; room; discovered; die party; party discovered; magic mouth; small room; party moved; party entered; party continued; review board; ihe party; wraparound magic
Downloads: 21
[texts]Apple Manual: Stickybear Alphabet-Manual
Apple Manual: Stickybear Alphabet-Manual
Keywords: stickybear; alphabet; letter; disk; children; program; iigs; press; lowercase; letters; talking stickybear; stickybear alphabet; apple iigs; master disk; alphabet master; letter hunt; hard disk; fast letters; insert disk
Downloads: 21
[texts]Apple Manual: Serve&Volley-Manual
Apple Manual: Serve&Volley-Manual
Keywords: player; select; tournament; press; players; serve; bar; enter; shot; match; select key; press enter; seed list; bar passes; left side; control box; selection bar; point scored; green rectangle
Downloads: 19
[texts]Apple Manual: HallsofMontezuma-Manual
Apple Manual: HallsofMontezuma-Manual
Keywords: marines; marine; menu; regiment; battalions; battalion; japanese; enemy; scenario; divisional; iwo jima; marine division; marine corps; victory points; save game; movement allowance; night capable; minor combat; marine regiment; marine brigade
Downloads: 40
[texts]Apple Manual: azurebonds
Apple Manual: azurebonds
Keywords: iii; joystick; ifl; characters; irt; curse; tfl; azure; lis; three; saved game; spell casters; save game; party creation; joystick button; characters set; azure bonds
Downloads: 27
[texts]Apple Manual: monte carlo manual
Apple Manual: monte carlo manual
Keywords: crq; efl; cfl; era; ffl; iff; cto
Downloads: 14
[texts]Apple Manual: Rendezvous with Rama Message
Apple Manual: Rendezvous with Rama Message
Keywords: alert; rama; hpmejf; protocol; rendezvous; endeavor; bmm; uifo; data; rrtifrct; alert alert; third order
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Manual: Strike Fleet Operations Manual
Apple Manual: Strike Fleet Operations Manual
Keywords: fleet; strike; ship; ships; manual; task; missile; strifecomdoc; command; operations; strike fleet; operations manual; fleet operations; task force; command summary; currently selected; maximum number; tons maximum; satellite map; status bar
Downloads: 26
[texts]Apple Manual: The Tinies-Manual
Apple Manual: The Tinies-Manual
Keywords: tinies; spaceship; displayed; tiny; planet; controller; strange; computer; sklumph; kalisto
Downloads: 20
[texts]Apple Manual: Powerbook G4 12in.

Keywords: powerbook; remove; apart; board; modem; screws; display; cable; replace; logic; airport extreme; optical drive; black stick; preliminary steps; top case; memory door; replace logic; memory card; hard drive; inner frame
Downloads: 22
[texts]Apple Manual: EcoQuest 1 Search For Cetus Hint Book
Apple Manual: EcoQuest 1 Search For Cetus Hint Book
Keywords: cursor; ihc; iht; adam; thai; vou; lhe; center; bul; hand cursor; points list; ship dumping; list points; cruise ship; bronze conch
Downloads: 28
[texts]Apple Manual: Hover Blade-Manual
Apple Manual: Hover Blade-Manual
Keywords: hover; mcx; disk; blade; warranty; folder; obstacles; fuel; exclusion; software; hover blade; star league; insert disk; floppy disk
Downloads: 20
[texts]Apple Manual: king's quest - box cover
Apple Manual: king's quest - box cover
Keywords: quest; adventure; roberta; game; computer; animated; designer; solutions; williams; multiple; adventure game
Downloads: 19
[texts]Apple Manual: Mean18-Manual
Apple Manual: Mean18-Manual
Keywords: select; click; disk; yards; screen; accolade; ball; hole; player; green; stevens creek; program disk; power gauge; defective media; deep rough
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: kings quest
Apple Manual: kings quest
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: Airport Card for iMac

Downloads: 11
[texts]Apple Manual: Sneakers Apple Manual
Apple Manual: Sneakers Apple Manual
Keywords: sirius; apple; points; sneakers; game; disk; paddles; turmell; meteors; press; space bar
Downloads: 24
[texts]Apple Service Manual: Studio 17 BA

Keywords: studio; strategy; apple; display; malfunction; applecare; centers; basics; service strategy; viewable; studio display; strategy change; apple studio; basics service
Downloads: 48
[texts]Apple Manual: Spirit of Excalibur Hints
Apple Manual: Spirit of Excalibur Hints
Keywords: ght; hel; hints; def; est; mma; going; saxon; defeat; disk; spirit hints; round table; hard drive
Downloads: 20
[texts]Apple Manual: BT1-Cheat 2
Apple Manual: BT1-Cheat 2
Keywords: character; cheats; level; seite; von; tale; stats; characters; copyrighted; rastin; cheats seite
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: Quest for Glory 3 Tech Manual
Apple Manual: Quest for Glory 3 Tech Manual
Keywords: magic; character; icon; skill; cursor; quest; select; click; combat; points; icon bar; special action; magic user; action icon; combat menu; skill points; stamina points; mouth cursor; mouse button; magic icon
Downloads: 25
[texts]Apple Manual: Space Eggs Manual HQ
Apple Manual: Space Eggs Manual HQ
Keywords: apple; sirius; points; cyber; phantoms; game; fuzzballs; copyrighted; trendcom; second stage; cyber strike
Downloads: 18
[texts]Apple Manual: Saturn Navigator A2-3D-A Manual (subLOGIC 1982 version)
Apple Manual: Saturn Navigator A2-3D-A Manual (subLOGIC 1982 version)
Keywords: orbit; saturn; approach; orbital; maneuver; plane; spacecraft; command; trial; trajectory; approach plane; aim point; trial orbit; ring plane; orbit insertion; approach asymptote; sublogic communications; saturn orbital; maneuver sequence; communications corporation
Downloads: 14
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima iv
Apple Manual: ultima iv
Keywords: thy; tlje; anb; magical; mystic; evil; britannia; reagents; mandrake; spells; lord british; blood moss; sulphurous ash; mystic arts; spider silk; thy party; mandrake root; black pearl; energy fields; magic users
Downloads: 51
[texts]Apple Manual: ManhunterNewYork-OfficialMap
Apple Manual: ManhunterNewYork-OfficialMap
Keywords: floor; expressionism; museum; art; cubism; galleries; surrealism; alliance; orb; sachs; third floor; second floor
Downloads: 13
[texts]Apple Manual: strategic conquest
Apple Manual: strategic conquest
Keywords: tfl; cfl; ffl; iii; trt; iff; eft; cti; crt; lis
Downloads: 29
[texts]Apple Manual: PowerBook G4 Gigabit CIP2

Keywords: powerbook; battery; drive; logic; apple; remove; keyboard; replacement; computer; cable; black stick; rubber stoppers; bottom case; airport card; logic board; rib frame; replacement instructions; optical drive; hard drive; heat exchanger
Downloads: 30
[texts]Apple Manual: Developers' Notes for PowerMac G4

Keywords: apple; usb; mac; devices; pci; firewire; data; power; september; audio; graphics cards; fire wire; power mac; usb ports; output devices; airport card; wireless lan; expansion slots; apple pro; ethernet port
Downloads: 85
[texts]Apple Manual: Ogre - Manual - APL
Apple Manual: Ogre - Manual - APL
Keywords: ogre; hex; attack; infantry; armor; clicking; player; defense; dialogue; command; player attempts; dialogue box; attack strength; command post; defense strength; attack range; armor units; armor unit; missile tank; attack points
Downloads: 24
[texts]Apple Manual: Starcross Manual
Apple Manual: Starcross Manual
Keywords: starcross; interactive; alien; appendix; computer; story; transcript; commands; starcro; zork; engine room; mass detector; black hole; sample transcript; interactive fiction; ray gun; alien life; tells starcross; spare fuel; set course
Downloads: 26
[texts]Apple Manual: The Black Cauldron Manual
Apple Manual: The Black Cauldron Manual
Keywords: dallben; horned; prydain; cauldron; taran; hen; king; lloyd; black; disney; black cauldron; horned king; walt disney; lloyd alexander
Downloads: 27
[texts]Apple Manual: BT3-Walkthrough
Apple Manual: BT3-Walkthrough
Keywords: skara; tale; level; thief; bard; seite; compendium; brae; cheats; von; tale compendium; skara brae; cheats seite; final battle
Downloads: 23
[texts]Apple Manual: BT3-Cheats
Apple Manual: BT3-Cheats
Downloads: 6
[texts]Apple Manual: BT1-Compendium
Apple Manual: BT1-Compendium
Keywords: level; magic; teleport; located; bard; mangar; stairs; characters; defeat; points; magic users; second level; wine cellar; third level; magic user; magic mouth; hit points; experience points; spell points; southwest corner
Downloads: 14
[texts]Apple Manual: Gnarly Golf-Manual
Apple Manual: Gnarly Golf-Manual
Keywords: britannica; par; click; gnarly; software; disks; spin; disk; warranty; ball; britannica software; gnarly golf; third click; software disks; swing meter; hard disk; direction indicator; click sets
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple Manual: BT1-Characters
Apple Manual: BT1-Characters
Keywords: characters; magic; seite; von; character; tale; spell; rogue; class; bard; characters seite; spell level; magic users; magic user; seite
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple-1 Operation Manual (1976)(Apple)[a]
Apple-1 Operation Manual (1976)(Apple)[a]
Keywords: apple; user; lda; hex; monitor; kbd; dsp; cmp; jsr; data; apple computer; computer company; jsr echo; video display; apple system; schematic diagram; power sources; mos technology; hex monitor; surface finish
Downloads: 38
[texts]Apple Manual: wasteland apple manual
Apple Manual: wasteland apple manual
Keywords: tft; eft; flj; fll; lis; rtj; iii; cft; tfl; tfi
Downloads: 25
[texts]Apple Manual: Transylvania III-Comprehend Plus
Apple Manual: Transylvania III-Comprehend Plus
Keywords: comprehend; novel; disk; program; prompt; interactive; type; restore; version; amiga; program disk; version requires; novel program; interactive novel; input prompt; ibm version
Downloads: 19
[texts]Apple Manual: Hadron
Apple Manual: Hadron
Keywords: points; fighters; enemy; hadron; sensor; disk; sirius; ctrl; hitting; level; enemy fighters
Downloads: 25
[texts]Apple Manual: Inca Hint Book
Apple Manual: Inca Hint Book
Keywords: ond; inca; hove; ore; inco; golden; click; spanish; colored; inventory; supreme star; ond place; inventory ond; golden sun; coktel vision; ancient inca; space flight; space fighters; ond men; inca empire
Downloads: 19
[texts]Apple Manual: SSI-Computer Conflict Manual
Apple Manual: SSI-Computer Conflict Manual
Keywords: unit; movement; combat; enemy; units; player; strength; friendly; hex; terrain; friendly unit; movement points; movement allowance; space bar; enemy units; increased enemy; enemy unit; player turn; movement phase; friendly units
Downloads: 16
[texts]Apple IIgs Memory Expansion Card Owner's Guide (1986)(Apple Computer)
Apple IIgs Memory Expansion Card Owner's Guide (1986)(Apple Computer)
Keywords: ram; disk; memory; startup; expansion; apple; figure; upgrade; applications; ram disk; memory expansion; expansion card; control panel; panel program; disk size; apple iigs; authorized apple; startup device; startup slot
Downloads: 23
[texts]Apple Manual: king's quest 3 - manual
Apple Manual: king's quest 3 - manual
Keywords: manannan; directions; ingredients; wizard; quest; roberta; llewdor; cast; sierra; spell; roberta williams; ingredients directions; animated adventure
Downloads: 24
[texts]Apple Manual: ultima ii cheat sheet
Apple Manual: ultima ii cheat sheet
Keywords: kill; guards; hit; launch; armor; steal; enter; transact; aftermath; ability
Downloads: 24
[texts]Apple Manual: Mean 18 Golf Manual HQ
Apple Manual: Mean 18 Golf Manual HQ
Keywords: select; click; yards; disk; screen; accolade; ball; hole; player; green; stevens creek; program disk; power gauge; defective media; deep rough
Downloads: 17
[texts]Apple Manual: Transylvania III-Manual
Apple Manual: Transylvania III-Manual
Keywords: vampires; cadmus; bozena; countess; magic; skull; olrich; slavaria; vodnik; pan
Downloads: 26
[texts]Apple Manual: Pool 1.5
Apple Manual: Pool 1.5
Keywords: ball; cue; pool; balls; idsi; program; aim; player; friction; aiming; cue ball; innovative design; straight pool; space bar; pool table; object ball
Downloads: 20
[texts]Apple Manual: wilderness apple manual
Apple Manual: wilderness apple manual
Keywords: cfl; tfl; ffi; iff; iii; ffl; flj; trt; crt; ifl; cfl cfl
Downloads: 36
[texts]Apple Manual: Defender of the Crown - Reference Card
Apple Manual: Defender of the Crown - Reference Card
Keywords: reel; mouse; click; game; prodos; battle; button; joust; jousting; army; mouse button; insert reel
Downloads: 14
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